About Kaochun Stevedoring

History & organization

At the beginning of 1998, the application of private stevedoring companies was opened.  Considering that cargo operation is concerned with cost reduction of ships and importer/exporter, we gather “Elite of Kaohsiung Harbor” to establish a stevedoring company in order to improve operation efficiency, and officially started operation on October 25, 1997.

Apart from Board of Directors, Chairman and General Manager, the company has divided into three departments to render services to our Clients.

Stevedoring Department –is in charge of all stevedores and equipment team as well as planning for stevedoring operation, prepareation of handling equipment, and also responsible for improving operational efficiency.The main policy is to keep the cargoes in intact condition and meet clients' need as well as consider workers' safety.

Logistics Centre – is in charge  of warehouse planning management and providing the high quality logistics solutions for clients such as storage, shipping, distributing, resorting and processing.

Sales Department – is responsible for contacting Clients, thoroughly carrying out Clients’ suggestions, calculating and collecting stevedoring charges, business promotion and management.

Administration and Finance Department – is responsible for company’s administration, financing, insurance and procurement.

Occupational Safety & Hygiene Section – for making plan to prevent occupational injury, planning and implementing of the labor safety health, on-the-job training and health management. The section also provides information and opinions about safety and health as well as guides and audits the facility to achieve legal and sound level.


  • Address: 17F.-1, No.232, Chenggong 1st Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802, Taiwan
  • TEL: 886 7 330-2888
  • FAX: 886 7 330-7701
  • e-mail:leo@kaochun.tw
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